Thursday, March 03, 2005

If only we lived in TV Land

According to Zogby, Jimmy Smits led Alan Alda in the poll as to who viewers of The West Wing think should be the next president.

Smits' character leads Alda's character 44 percent to 28 percent among "West Wing" viewers contacted by computer for the interactive poll.

Vinick, it seems, has a gender problem.

"While he and Santos are tied among men, each getting 35 percent of the vote, Santos holds a commanding lead among women, where he outpolls Vinick 53 percent to 22 percent," Zogby said.

I'm actually a rabid West Wing fan, and I'm so rooting for Smit's character. His character, Matt Santos, has a presidential campaign being run by the character of Josh Lyman (Brad Whitford). Since Sam Seaborne (Rob Lowe) left after Bartlet's re-election. Last night's preview of next week's show eluded to a sex scandal for the Santos campaign, so I'm glad have that suckered DVRed.


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