Wednesday, March 09, 2005

I'm shocked and awed

I can't believe Bill Bishop doesn't read In the Pink. I mean, anyone who is anyone reads In the Pink, especially after yesterday's AAS article on the flap that In the Pink caused (do you think I've worked in enough references to In the Pink? Free advertising!). Today's Lasso has two posts on Gov. Goodhair's "secret weapon" to create jobs, the Texas Enterprise Fund. He points out that for Dec. '03-Dec. '04, Texas had below average job growth, so he wonders how Perry got the governor's cup. Hmmm, and just one day after the article that should have vaulted this onto front pages. Everything that she said about Site Selection Magazine and its connection to the Enterprise Fund is a factoid, which all have the benefit of being provably true. You know, the sooner we get some serious communication between bloggers and the MSM, the better off everyone will be. We'll have some good original reporting and really good fact-checking that only bloggers seem to be able to do.


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