Tuesday, March 08, 2005

In defense of In The Pink

I spent all day watching TV from yesterday, so I just read this, but I'm pissed. I read In the Pink everyday and I like Eileen Smith, the very nice who writes it. She seems like a cool person to hang out with and I'd like to think of her as a friend. But Gov. Rick Perry doesn't think so. His flunky went to the Statesman and said this:

"Blogs are certainly appropriate expressions of people's opinions," gubernatorial spokesman Robert Black said Monday. "The general public has to realize on blogs . . . there are no controls on accuracy or honesty. And there's no accountability. "People need to be very careful with what they read in the blogs. Most blogs seem to be run with a pretty severe liberal bent."
All this is because Perry didn't like this post about the governor's cup she wrote. That's just petty. Byron weighs in, pointing out several conservative blogs and ends with "So, my advice to Rick Perry? Stop whining and set up your own damn blog!" That's about the all the advice I have Perry, plus something about anatomy and doing certain things that are impossible because of the Laws of Thermodynamics (geek speak). This also opens up a discussion about accountability in blogging, though. Several commenters weighed in on Byron's post, pointing out that readers give feedback and that it is a self-correcting system. All this is well and good, but I think it is a lot of hogwash. I should start out by saying, I write for myself. No offense to anyone reading this blog, but my number one priority has always been writing about whatever interests me. I don't pick things I think certain readers will like or on things that people suggest. I link to the blogs that I like about things I like. I review movies that I want to watch and write reviews that I would want to read. Whether I had a million readers or 5 (like now!), I would always write like that. I started blogging to write my opinions and allow other people to give me there's so that I could in some way debate to see if I had the courage of my own convictions. If I get a million readers, that's great, but it wouldn't change a thing. Except maybe I would have money from advertising, so I could blog more often about things I want to write about. I should probably also say that, since it is such a personal thing to me, I take a lot of pride in beig able to link to the source I use for whatever quote or information I print. Sometimes it's a simple Google search, sometimes it's more involved. The MSM doesn't do that, they can't do that. Only blogging can. That's why blogging will never really go away. But bloggers link to MSM sources everyday, and it will never really go away. The sooner people realize it is a symbiotic relationship, and not a really hostile one, the sooner we can see a great change in journalism and the media that benefits everybody, especially the reader. I'll end al of this by linking to In the Pink again and her response to all of this. It should most definitely be noted that she did everything by the book, a textbook case of pure journalism, and Perry just couldn't take it. "Shit, truth hurts."(free ice cream to whomever tells me where that quote comes from)


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