Thursday, March 10, 2005

In trouble again?

I've never seen someone who is set on breaking ethics rules and generally just being a sleazeball.

A delegation of Republican House members including Majority Leader Tom DeLay accepted an expense-paid trip to South Korea in 2001 from a registered foreign agent despite House rules that bar the acceptance of travel expenses from foreign agents, according to government documents and travel reports filed by the House members.
When will the madness end, and when will someone just kick him out of Washington? I know Republicans have got to be tired of having to defend the kind of crap he pulls. More interesting, "The cost of DeLay's trip was the fourth largest for any single trip by lawmakers from Jan. 1, 2000, to September 2004, according to the Medill tally." At least 3 Democratic Congressmen accepted trips from the exchange, as well as an aide to Nancy Pelosi. Even if the ethics committee doesn't punish him, that doesn't mean that his continued trouble with them won't become a major Republican liability.


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