Wednesday, March 02, 2005

It sounds like a global diet pill pyramid scheme

Continuing coverage of the TRMPAC trial at In the Pink.

• 4:00. I’m sitting in a courtroom, brow furrowed, feverishly jotting down notes in a reporter pad, trying to crack this bad boy wide open. Look at me! I’m Nancy Drew! • 4:03. Happy hour started, like, three minutes ago. • 4:05. Defense questions Anderson about any inconsistencies between the Texas Election Commission report and IRS Form 990. Anderson tries to compare the “hard” versus “soft” money distinction with “cash” versus “accrual” based accounting – different means to the same end, or something. But then Anderson goes NUTSO. Anderson: “This looks like a bunch of hyperventilating attorneys going ‘Gotcha’ … This is the biggest to-do about nothing that I’ve seen in a long time.” I agree with you there. But, seriously, if we didn’t make to-do’s about nothing, then there wouldn’t be anything to blog about.
I'll drink to that. This is turning in one of those "media circuses" that the media is always berating (cognitive dissonance), or at least it should be. I'm wondering why CNN is bothering with the Michael Jackson trial at all. This is the story people!


At 8:05 AM, Blogger inthepinktexas said...

Wild horses couldn't drag me down to the Travis County Courthouse today... my eyes are still glazed over from yesterday. Where's Court TV's live feed when you need it?

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