Thursday, March 03, 2005

New poll out

This is an encouraging headline: New Poll Finds Bush Priorities Are Out of Step With Americans. That's in today's NY Times. So is this.

On Social Security, 51 percent said permitting individuals to invest part of their Social Security taxes in private accounts, the centerpiece of Mr. Bush's plan, was a bad idea, even as a majority said they agreed with Mr. Bush that the program would become insolvent near the middle of the century if nothing was done. The number who thought private accounts were a bad idea jumped to 69 percent if respondents were told that the private accounts would result in a reduction in guaranteed benefits. And 45 percent said Mr. Bush's private account plan would actually weaken the economic underpinnings of the nation's retirement system.
A majority thinks it's a bad idea, even if you don't tell them about reduced benefits and borrowing $4.5 trillion dollars the first 20 years. We haven't won, yet. We still need to hold the line. With a littl luck, we might be able to talk them out of private accounts all together. There's movement on the Republicans' part, and I think it's possible. They won't want to just drop the subject if they can't get what they want, Bush will compromise to make it appear as though he is actually doing something. If we give him the political cover to say that he came to the table and gave up on private accounts to make sure that Social Security was solvent, he'll jump at it with these kind of poll numbers. Still, I remain cautiously optimistic. He could just wait until after the midterms to bring it up again. But he won't want to because by then people will be talking about the next president and his ability to wrangle his own party will be waning. He will be a lame duck in every sense of the words. No, he sees this as the time to move. He's got his "mandate" now, just after his re-election. The longer this drags out and the worse the polls get for him, the more eager he becomes to take a deal. We just have to hold the line.


At 7:12 PM, Anonymous Larry said...

NYT?? Who wrote that, Jayson Blair?

At 7:48 PM, Blogger Nate said...

FYI!! Blair was a plagiarist and a liar; not a partisan hack. The story comes from the NY Times poll which shows that a majority of people think Pres. Bush has the wrong priorities. If Hollywood is out of touch because of having an award show every year, then it is well within reason to think Bush is out of touch for wanting to have private accounts when most Americans don't.

At 7:25 PM, Blogger MajorDad said...

Bottom line is that people that are responsible will always save for their retirements...irresponsible or those unable to prioritize their expenditures will never do it.

As long as we continue to provide the handouts for those irresponsible people incapable of taking care of themselves...they'll NEVER learn to be responsible.

Okay...I'll make the caveat before you beat me to it.

But Major...what about the handicapped and mentally ill?Well, before we decided that state institutions were bad places...those folks were institutionalized where they were provided shelter, food, and perhaps some limited care. Nowadays, we give those same people housing to live in, food stamps and SSI payments and leave them to themselves to indulge in self-destructive behavior (drug, alcohol, other addictive habits).

I suppose I vote for opening up the asylums again, so at least those that cannot care for themselves are given something of a normal life instead of standing on overpasses with cardboard marketing signs...

See you on the high ground!



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