Friday, March 04, 2005

The New President of the United States?

From the Drudge Report, I learn that there is a new show on ABC called Commander-in-Chief with Geena Davis as the first female president. I'll have to check it out, hopefully it will be as well-written as The West Wing is (though the first three seasons with Aaron Sorkin writing are the best television ever). Drudge has that they are holding open calls for different positions, I could so be the Press Secretary. If any of you, my many minions, would be sl inclined, start a mass e-mailing to ABC that you want me on the show as the Press Secretary. If you are not a minion, rest assured I do have some acting experience and I'm very egotistical so I'm not going to crap out when the cameras start rolling. Besides, look at that picture over on the right. I was born to be President Geena Davis' press secretary! Let's get those e-mails started, eh.


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