Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Someone does get it!

From The Red State:

Dear Reporters/Journalists, You do not need to be afraid of bloggers. We are not in competition with you. In fact, we need you. Bloggers make news by bringing ignored news to the forefront. You cannot be everywhere, so we will be. In spite of our newness and proclivity for errors, we provide a personal voice that is missing in mainstream media. Information hierarchy has changed from top-down to bottom-up. The sooner you realize that, the quicker we can get to work towards the same goal: free exchange of informed ideas and opinions. We want to be your friends. Really, we do! Nevertheless, we will call you on your bullshit, as a good friend would. Love, The Red State
That's just what we want them to think. Then, when their back is turned... Seriously, though. Someone who works at a newspaper should write about why blogging is not really in competition with the MSM, but working with it.


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