Friday, March 04, 2005

Texas Dems got themselves a plan

In my very own Waco Trib, my good friend Dan Genz writes about Rep. Jim Dunnam and the Dems' plan to fund schools in Texas.

The effort promises $2 billion on top of the Republican-backed plan that offers $3 billion in new money for public schools. It won tentative support from local school leaders who believe the system needs more money and view the Republican plan as "chaos" and "a disaster."
The sad thing is that this problem has been around for years and people are only just now realizing that Republicans are horrible with money. They're more worried about scores on standardized tests than making sure kids have adequate funding in the first place. I don't want to get into a lengthy post on how stupid I think standardized tests are (I should know, I had to take them every year since the 3rd grade when Bush became governor), but I do want to stress that it is important to give schools all the money they require. Try spending more to get qualified teachers who feel good about getting up and going to work than short-changing their pension plans and denying them funding to even buy the textbooks needed to teach to your stupid tests.
Many educators deride Grusendorf's plan as benefiting property-rich districts and providing just enough money to pay for the new programs it creates.

Four area superintendents greeted the Democratic alternative with more optimism.

"If we could have an additional $5 billion that is actually new money, that would be a very good start," said Jerry Maze, superintendent of the Hillsboro Independent School District.

Yeah, that says it all right there. Give them what they ask for and let teachers do the teaching, not the state legislature.


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