Wednesday, March 09, 2005

That's comforting

After Porter Goss' words last week, I was already feeling on edge about my safety, but now the NY Times is reporting that Director Mueller has announced the death of the FBI's $170 million computer upgrade. Tuesday he said

"Our ability to handle a project like that was not what I thought it was," he said. "It's my fault for not having put the appropriate persons in position to review that contract and assure that it was on track."
At least he's taking personal responsibility for it. And he's right, this failure is an oppurtunity to get a better system that is more modern and more flexible, I'm still a little outraged. Oh, not by the money. I don't care how much they spend. I'm always in favor of intelligence (in all its definitions) and intelligence is no place to start nickel and diming. I'm more outraged that it is going to take another 3 and half years to design and install a system that works. Not too long ago, the guys at the FBI couldn't do the equivalent of a Google search and things don't seem to have progressed too much. And that means we are less secure. And the real shame is that there really is nothing we can do about it. It takes however long it takes. And until the FBI has a new system to search databases and do all the things they need to be able to do, we are going to have live under a system that is a painful reminder of just how unsafe we are because it failed on 9/11.


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