Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Totally shameless promotion

I've added In the Pink to the blogroll on the right, so that you know, easy to get to and all. I also highly uggest you visit there and sign up for the email, especially if you've got a huge blogroll like me with 50 or 60 blogs to read everyday. It's nice to just have one or two by email that you can read without doing anything. I hope all this makes it easier to read some of the really good Texas blogs out there. I need to add Greg's Opinion, since I read it everyday, and probably Bull Moose, since he is a fellow Wacoan. I'm holding off on trying to get my entire blogroll put over to the right, just because it would be such a long list and I'd have to divide it up into sections of interest or by area or something. Besides, I think it looks fine the way it is, just as long as I put a link to my entire blogroll somewhere. I also hope that any searches for In the Pink also reference me for all the times I mention her. I am a pragmatist after all. But it's nice to help her get all the traffic I can, even if no one comes to visit me.


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