Thursday, March 03, 2005

Ups and downs in Joementum

Greg Wythe and I have our share of differences, but I respect him because he's my elder. Just kidding, but he has done a lot for the party. It is more him than anyone else that got me excited about Chris Bell and his potential (very, very high potential) run for governor. But, like I said, we have differences. One of them is that he is a staunch supporter of Joe Lieberman. "Marshall Wittman is making it tough for me to maintain my crown as "Biggest Blog Defender of All Things Joe." Nevertheless, it's a competition I relish. Bring da moose on!" He goes on to quote the Bull Moose:

The fight against social security privatization is important but not vital to the future of the Democratic Party. While the President may get something, he most probably will not win passage of his most ambitious privatization scheme. Meanwhile, Democrats must still address the problems in their own house. And those weaknesses involve being perceived as weak on values and national security. No member of the party can better assist the party in addressing these weaknesses than Joe Lieberman. No, the Moose is not suggesting that he run again for President. Rather, he can provide valuable counsel to the party on how to better connect with those folks who have become estranged from the party in the past years.

If donkeys believe that defense of the New Deal, however noble and necessary, is their ticket back to power, then they will be wandering in the wilderness longer than the Lord's Chosen People.

My argument comes from the fact that I'm tired of having a Democrat criticize us and help the other side. In the Social Security debate, I would rather bargain from a position of strength, if it comes to bargaining, then of desperation because a Democrat would rather vote with the Republicans to gut our party's crowning achievement of the New Deal than vote with us.

Besides, I think Social Security is vital to the party. If we can't all agree that taking assured poverty out of retirement was one of the greatest accomplishments of the Democrats; if we can't all agree that FDR did something great and remarkable with his New Deal and defend it against the attacks from the likes of USA Next and Tom DeLay, we might as well pack it up and vote Green. If we can't all stand for this, then we fall down with no reason to get up except to grab little bits of power that the Republicans don't want anymore. "The line must be drawn here! This far, no farther!" Points to anyone who knows who I just quoted and from where.

There's no personal animus against Joe. It may seem that way, but I'm sure he's a likable enough guy. And I'm sure he really cares about the party. But the way he goes about it, I think, does more harm than good. I think it is time for him to go, seniority be damned. I don't even care if we lose his seat, I think it won't really matter that much for the time being. But getting him out does matter.


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